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Mark Kalen (Buda, Texas)

Accessories are the key elements that elevate fashion to individual style.”  It is the passion behind that statement that makes Mark Kalen’s pieces distinctive.  Mark Kalen is a skilled designer, visionary and craftsman specializing in custom jewelry for women and men.

Kalen’s pieces are especially striking for their sculptural quality.  His Signature Twist, strands of stainless steel seemingly braided into an eye-catching cuff or as an accent on a larger piece, is extremely rare because his jewelry is “made by hand”, no casting is involved.  Unforgivable materials such as stainless steel, copper and glass are skillfully married to create a dramatic elegance with rebellious undertones.

A new addition to Kalen’s portfolio is sculptural home decor. You may want to add a quirky charm or a sense of drama. MK designs offer opportunity to possess unique sculptures and objects that complement your decor and quickly become a conversation topic.

With a limitless imagination and balance of craftsmanship and modernity, this designer’s collections are sure to make an unforgettable statement whether it is fashion accessories such as jewelry or accessories that help design your home environment.


Some reviews of Mark Kalen’s Work:

Fashion X Designer Spotlight – Mark Kalen designs elegant jewelry for the rebel sophisticate, and draws inspiration from a seemingly unlikely source – motorcycles. Intrigued? Yes, so are we!  An Austin artist new to the scene, Kalen has channeled the extensive design work he did for motorcycles and the romantic curiosity that surrounds them into a design aesthetic that prizes individual style.”

INFluential Magazine – “Artistic interest is often born of our observations of what currently exists and a curious, confident idea that it could be done better. Mark was tired of seeing repetitive design and felt he could create something entirely unique. His creations are sophisticated and elegant but with a provocative edge.”

The Diego Files – Non Conformity Shines – “Appreciate that this is artwork. Mark Kalen is not a bike builder, nor a mere jeweler; he’s an artist, and like a portraitist his talent is capturing the unique aesthetic of the person he labors for. His preferred medium is stainless steel, and the most polished description of the style is rebel sophisticate. Kalen’s initial expression was in motorcycle accessories. He then expanded into jewelry and accessories. Like his bike parts, Kalen’s jewelry escapes the tarnish of trends, and instead shines in forms that will last as long as the steel that shapes it. And that’s a long time.”